Configuring Pool Bookings

Once we’ve introduced a schedule for our pool, we can configure its booking system.

There are 4 options we can choose:

  • On Demand: When a guest makes a booking with the On Demand booking system, a member from the staff will need to either accept or reject the booking. This booking system does not allow guests to cancel a booking using the app once they made it, even if it has not been confirmed yet. 
  • Quota: When a guest makes a booking with the Quota system the booking is automatically confirmed by the system if there are available slots. When you configure the Quota system, you indicate to the system a maximum number of bookings for each turn, and once that limit is reached the system does not allow any more bookings. This booking system allows guests to cancel a booking via app after they made that booking. 
  • Third Party : With this system we can just introduce an external URL in the CMS and the app will open this URL. It’s ideal for using web-based external booking systems which provide you with a URL. Keep in mind that in this case guests will be using that Third Party booking system, so you will get no analytics data for these transactions. 
  • External Booking : You should choose this option if STAY is integrated with your booking system.