Configuring tour bookings with THIRD PARTY URL system

When a tour has this booking system, this means that when a guest taps on the “Book” button, he is redirected to a third party’s URL for their reservation system. 

Bear in mind that because the guest is actually using a third party’s reservation system, you will not have transaction data for this restaurant in STAY.


  1. Hover the cursor of the mouse over the tour which we want to configure with the THIRD PARTY URL system.  
  2. Click on the “Timetable and Reservations” tab.
  3. Select “THIRD PARTY URL” in the Booking System section.
  4. A new text box titled “Third party’s External system URL” will have appeared. Here we need to introduce the URL for the Third Party’s Reservation system. The guest will be redirected to this URL when he taps on the “Book” button. In this case you don’t have the option to introduce a different URL for each language. You can only introduce a SINGLE URL.
  5. Open URL in external browser: Check the “Open URL in external browser” if you want the guest to be redirected to the third party’s url using the browser (instead of doing this within the app).
  6. Booking call to action text: Here you can introduce the text for the “Book” button. Just click on the text field and type the new text. It should be a really short text, ideally a single word. Remember to click on the flag icon next to the text field to open up the languages pop up and change this text for all available languages.
  7. Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.