Content Structure (Categories, Services, Main, Catalogue, Timetable, Enquiries)

All sections in the CMS follow a similar structure, therefore filling out the hotel information is extremely easy.


As an example, we will explain how to enter information in the Restaurant section.


We can create several Restaurant CATEGORIES (Buffet, A la Carte, Bars, Restaurants…). And once the categories have been created, each Restaurant is renamed as SERVICE.


Within each Restaurant (or SERVICE), we can add information in the different sections:

- Main Info (Name, Subtitle, Description, Images, Map Location as well as additional info)

- Catalogue (Restaurant's menus )

- Timetable and Reservations (Opening hours and selecting a Booking System if we allow reservations)

- Concierte Chat (here we can enable Live Chat between the guests and specific staff of the restaurant)


This structure is very similar in all the different sections, being only the catalogue item the one that differs:

- Restaurant – Menu

- Spa – Treatment catalogue

- Room Service – Available products and services