How to add rules to a kids club

The Kids Club service allows you to include a list of rules to be followed when accessing the club. In order to add a list of rules for a kids club, please follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Kids Clubs section under Leisure on the left menu of the Content section of the CMS. 
  • Click on Edit on the specific kids club you want to add the information to. 
  • Click on Service Rules on the upper menu of the kids club screen. 

You will see the different options available.

  • Click on Add new rule to start creating your list of rules. An editing screen will appear. 

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Here you can add a name for the rule and a description. You can provide as many details as you need in this field.

By clicking on Add new rule you can create as many rules as you need. Each rule will be displayed on one full screen when guests check them from the app.


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