How to configure the Enquiries laundry in a Laundry

This enquiries laundry enables a direct channel to communicate with guests so we can solve the doubts they might have about our laundries in a quick and efficient way. 

Once we have activated the Enquiries in our establishment, we can activate the ones from our laundry so guests will see the enquiries button and click on it to start sending any question or doubt about the laundry. The staff will reply and guests will receive the answer on their devices. 

We can not only personalize the enquiries texts and set the schedule when they are going to be handled, but also indicate in the timetable description the average response time. 


How to activate the enquiries in a laundry


  1. Hover the cursor over the laundry’s box and click on “View Info”. 
  2. Go to the “Enquiries” tab. 
  3. Activate the “Enable enquiries” switch. 
  4. In the first tab box, enter the text for the button text, clicking on the flag icon to add all the available languages. (For example, “Ask us”. We should bear in mind that the text should not exceed 10 characters, as it is inside a call to action button). 
  5. In the second tab box, enter the text for the topbar, that will appear right after clicking the previous button. (For example, “How can we help you?”). 
  6. Enter the schedule in which the enquiries will be attended: 
    • Click on: “Create new schedule”.  
    • Select the day/s of the week in which we want to introduce the timetable. 
    • Introduce the timetable in a 24 hrs format. 
    • To add a new schedule interval we have to click the “+Create new schedule interval” option. We can add as many intervals as we want. 
    • Repeat the action “Create new schedule” as many times as needed, to set the laundry configuration for the different days. 
  7. Add on each schedule interval a brief description of the enquiries laundry. We recommend you to indicate the average reply time. 
  8. Introduce the different staff email addresses which will receive the enquiries by clicking on the “Add new email” option, introducing them one by one. Those addresses will receive an email with the guests’ enquiries and will be able to answer them either throughout email or the CMS Request menu, as the rest of the requests. 
  9. Click on the “Save changes” button.