How to create custom links

We can create as many custom links as we need to promote our app all around the hotel. Depending on our needs, we will create links that can be placed at restaurants to check the menu, at the spa to check the services catalogue, at the rooms to check out the room service catalogue, in the booking confirmation emails… We will be able not only to make the guest’s access to the app available, but also to know where the traffic comes from, as the metrics will give us the number of users that have entered in the app throughout the different links. 

Route: MY APP > Select your product > PROMOTE YOUR APP 

These are the following steps to create custom links:

  1. Click on the “Add new” button.
  2. Link type: choose between different options from the drown drop menu depending on where we want it to be shown: QR, mail, WIFI, web, NFC. 
  3. Link name: introduce the name so we can identify it. 
  4. Location: choose between different options from the drop down menu depending on where we are going to place it: PWA, Room, Lobby, SPA, Restaurant, Others. 
  5. Internal link: choose from the drop down menu the CMS section, service or menu we want the link to be linked to. 
  6. Click on the “Generate link” button. 

It is extremely important to place the links and QRs in the correct place, as it is the only way we can obtain real metrics. If we place the Lobby QR in the rooms, we will neither be able to differentiate where the traffic is coming from, nor to set out new measures to enhance the performance based on real metrics. 

Once a QR code is generated, we can download it by hovering the cursor over it and clicking on it. We can save it or print it to place it wherever we might need to. We can also copy the link by clicking on the “Copy” button beside the URL. QRs can not be edited.