How to tag images and why it is useful

Once we’ve uploaded images to the Gallery, we can tag them. This will make these images much easier to find when we’re creating services and uploading content. 

When we upload an image, we can select different tags. Those tags are types of services (“Restaurants”, “Spa”, “Room Service”...). Then, when we later create a service of this type and we upload an image, the first images we’ll see are the ones tagged with this type of service. For example, if we’re creating a restaurant, the first images we’ll see will be the ones tagged with “restaurants” in the Gallery.

Additionally, whenever we’re creating a new service and we upload an image which was not previously updated to the Gallery, that image will be added to the Gallery (so that we’ll be able to select it when we create other services) and will be tagged with that type of service. So if we create a new restaurant and add a new image from our computer, that image will be added to the Gallery and will be tagged as “restaurants”.


To tag images in the gallery:


  1. Hover the mouse over the image which you want to tag. 
  2. Click on “Edit”. 
  3. A pop-up will appear. Select the tags you want to add to this image (you can select more than one if you want). 
  4. Click on “Save”.