Promote your App

Is very important to promote our app when we finish uploading the content and setting the frontpage configuration. 

CMS offers the possibility to create different links to be used on different channels so we can make our app accessible for our guests in an easy and simple way. 

The three main communication channels we recommend are: 

  • Landing Wifi: if we place this link in the wifi configuration as the access landing page, all our wifi guests will land on our web app right after logging in. 
  • Email Link: if we place this link in the emails we sent to our guest before their arrival and check in, they will have access to the web app before and during their stay. It is crucial to impact them in specific moments like the booking confirmation or when receiving the welcome email. 
  • Lobby QR code: if we generate and download this QR code from the CMS, we can place it in the lobby or at the front-desk so we can create a quick access to the web app, always available for our guests. 

Beside these types of links, in the Custom Link section we can generate as many as needed, also URLs which can directly link to a specific service. For example, to place in a hotel's restaurant showing the menu.