TAG - What is it?

TAGs are attributes that can be linked to any product or service. These attributes allow Guests to carry out searches through the Smart Assistant without writing the exact wording. 

For example, if there is an Italian restaurant called Pazzitto, we can add several TAGs as #italian, #pizza, #pasta, so when the Guest types something like:

"we would like to have pizza tonight"

our system can give the most suitable answer. 

You can find TAGs related to:

- Type of food

- Demographics (families, couples, children)

- Type of service (relax, activities, dinning, breakfast, tours)

The TAGs available are provided by default, and cannot be added or deleted. If there is a TAG that you would like to add, please send an email to accounts@stay-app.com and we will look into it.


How to add a TAG in a product or service

In any service or product there is a blank field at the bottom in which we can add one or several TAGs.