Types of Employee profiles

When we create a CMS employee (that is, when we give access to the CMS to a staff member), we’ll need to assign him/her an employee profile. The profile we choose will depend on the kind of access we want that employee to have. 

There are three types of profile:

  • Hotel corporate: Employees with a hotel corporate profile will have access to a GROUP OF HOTELS. This group of hotels can be created based on different filters (hotels belonging to a hotel chain, hotels belonging to a brand inside a hotel chain, hotels belonging to a chain or a brand and located in a specific region…). Whenever we add new hotels to these groups, the employees with Hotel Corporate profile will automatically have access to those hotels as well. Employees with this profile will also have access to the Corporate Area inside the CMS.
  • Complex Ambassador: This is the profile you will be using most often. Employees with a Complex Ambassador profile will have access to one or several hotels inside a hotel chain. There are two main differences with the Hotel Corporate profile: 
      1. We have to select manually all hotels to which these employees will have access (instead of selecting groups based on hotel chain, hotel brand, region…).
      2. Employees with the Complex Ambassador profile WILL NOT have access to the Corporate Area in the CMS. 
  • Third Party Staff : This profile should be used for giving access to the CMS to persons who don’t belong to our hotel’s staff. For example, if your hotel’s spa is managed by a third party, you can provide access to a person belonging to this third party. 


All profiles, when assigned to someone, will allow you to select the sections to which that employee will have access. In the case of the spa manager for example, to continue with the same example, you could give that person access only to the spa section, and this way the spa manager will not be able to access any of the other contents such as Restaurants, Room Service, etc.