How to activate the PRO booking system

What are the steps to activate the PRO booking system?

  1. Have a service created on the CMS (for example, Content > Facilities > Restaurants). For more information on how to create a service, see the Main functionalities section here in STAY Academy.
  2. Select PRO as the booking system (for example, Content > Facilities > Restaurants > Timetable and reservations). For more information on configuring a service's timetable and reservations, see the Main functionalities section.
  3. Go to PRO Settings (button at the end of the screen, or PRO > Settings).
  4. Select a setting mode according to what you are going to allow the customer to do: just booking, just ordering, or both (PRO > Settings > Setting mode).



Done. You have now activated the PRO booking system.

If you would like to know how to start using it, refer to the following article: How to start using PRO booking system.