How to configure a Room Service’s bookings as On Demand

To configure a Room Service’s bookings as On Demand:

  1. Go to the Room Service you want to configure.
  2. In the tab menu just above the Room Service’s information, click on Timetable and Reservations, which is the second option. You will go to the Bookings configuration page.
  3. Select On Demand.
  4. The next thing we need to do is create a schedule with an opening and closing time. This also limits the times guests can make their booking for from their devices. To do this, you can just enter the Room Service’s opening and closing times in the Schedule section below. The time format is AM/PM. NOTE: If the Room Service opens until later than midnight, you will need to create two turns for this. For example, if the Room Service is open at night from 10.00PM to 01.00AM, you would need to create two turns: one from 10.00PM to 11.59PM and the other one from 00.01AM to 01.00AM. Never use 00.00AM as opening or closing time.
  5. You can create as many as seven schedules if you want (one for each day of the week). To do this, you can just click on the Add new Schedule option. NOTE that you will only be able to create more than one schedule for the days which are not selected for the first schedule. For example, if you have the first schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you will only be able to create one or two more additional schedules (one for Saturday and another one for Sunday, or one for the whole weekend). 
  6. For each day in the schedule, you can also add as many as 5 Schedule Intervals. This is useful if the Shop is not open continuously, but rather, has a morning, afternoon and evening turn. To add schedule intervals, just click on the Add New Schedule Interval option, located right below the fields where you need to introduce opening and closing times. 
  7. Once all the schedules and turns inside each schedule are configured, there will be a bookable switch next to each turn. Click on the switch to activate it.
  8. Once we’ve done this, a new setting will appear: the booking intervall: This indicates the booking slots guests will see when they book from their devices. For example, if a Room Service’s opening time is 09.00AM and the Booking Interval is 30 minutes, guests will be able to book for 09.00AM, 09.30AM, 10.00AM, and so on. By default, the Booking Interval is set at 30 minutes. To change it simply introduce the new interval (in minutes) in the Booking Interval field, and click on Save Changes.
  9. In addition to configuring the schedules, you also need to add an email address which will receive all booking requests from guests. To do this, click on Add New Email in the bottom part of the screen, write the email address and press ENTER. With this final step, you’d have a basic configuration for bookings of this Room Service.


There are also optional, more advanced options You can configure: Maximum advance time for bookings (in days), minimum advance time (in minutes), Reservation units, autoreply message for pending bookings, autoreply message for confirmed bookings, call to action text and comments text To access them you need to click on the Advanced options switch.

  • Maximum advance time: Maximum advance time is the maximum number of days a guest can book the guest can make a booking at the Room Service. If for example, this is set to 7 days, the guest will only be able to book the Room Service 7 days or less in advance.
  • Minimum advance time is the minimum number of minutes in advance that guests can book at the Room Service. It can be set for X minutes before the time of the booking or X minutes before the opening time of the Room Service. In the first case, if the minimum advance time is set to 120 minutes before booking time, to book for 20.00PM a guest will have to do it at 18.00PM or earlier. In the second case, if the minimum advance time is set to 120 minutes before the Room Service’s opening time, the Shop opens at 21.00PM and the guest wants to book for 22.00PM, the booking will have to be made at 19.00PM or earlier.
  • Reservation units: By default, the booking funnel for Room Service will let you book for persons, but perhaps you want guests to book tables instead, or something else. You can use this field to change the booking units shown to guests in the booking funnel.
  • Autoreply message for pending bookings: When a guest makes a booking and it has not yet been confirmed by the hotel, it reminds in Pending state. Here you can customize the message displayed to the guest right after making a booking which has not yet been confirmed.
  • Autoreply message for confirmed bookings: When the hotel confirms a booking which was in Pending state, the booking’s state changes to Confirmed, and the guest receives a push notification. Here you can change the text displayed to the guest in this notification.
  • Call to action text: This is the text for the Book button guests will see on their device. You can change it to whatever you want but keep in mind that the text will need to fit inside the button.
  • Comments text: This is the text which is displayed to guests on their devices above the comments field they can use to add comments to their booking. You can change it to whatever you want.