How to Configure Room Service Concierge Chat

Concierge Chat is a feature which provides a direct communication channel with the guest so we can solve any questions or doubts he might have about ordering room service. 


Once we’ve activated the Concierge Chat feature for our hotel, we can activate it for Room Service. In other words, the feature needs to be activated at the hotel level so that then we can activate it for specific services, in this case Room Service. This will allow the guest to send us questions and comments about Room Service ordering. These questions will arrive in the CMS, and will also arrive as email. The staff can reply to these questions and the guest will receive said replies in the app. 


We can also customize the texts displayed in the Concierge Chat button and next to the schedule to give more precise information like average response time. 


How to activate Room Service Concierge Chat



  1. Hover the cursor of the mouse over the room service for which we want to activate the Concierge Chat feature.
  2. Click on “View Info” to go to the Room Service’s detailed information page.  
  3. Click on the “Concierge Chat” tab.
  4. Activate the “Concierge Chat” switch.
  5. In the first text box, type the text you want to display in the Call to Action button, for example “Ask us”. The text should not be longer than 10 characters since the space is very limited. Remember to click on the flag to open up the languages pop up and introduce the text in all the available languages
  6. In the second Text box type que text you want to display on top of the chat text box, to indicate guests the kind of questions they can ask or the type of information they can request (It can be something as simple as “How can we help you?”).
  7. Introduce the times during which guests will be able to send questions:
      1. Click on “Create New Schedule”
      2. Select the days of the week you want.
      3. Type the schedule in 24 hour format (for example 10.00/22.00)
      4. If you want to add more than one interval (for example morning and evening), click on “Create new Schedule Interval”. You can add as many intervals as you need.
      5. If you want to have different schedules for different days of the week, you can do so by clicking on “Create New Schedule” and selecting the days you want (you might have to deselect them from the other schedule first, since you can’t have two different schedules for the same day).
  8. For each interval you can add a small description text. This is where we suggest you introduce for example the average response time.Remember to click on the flag to open up the languages pop up and introduce the text in all the available languages
  9. In the Email box type que emails of the persons who will be replying to guest chats. These persons will receive each chat by email and will be able to reply to them by email as well. They will also be able to do this in the CMS Concierge Chat Section. 
  10. Click on “Save Changes”.