How to edit the guest’s data 

We might have to edit the guest’s data, especially when we have an auto login login type. It is a very useful feature, mainly in these two cases: 

  • Avoid overlapping stays: imagine a user logs in the room 201, with Dec 12 as check in date and Dec 14th as check out date and then makes a room change to the room 202 which is empty and has no app user. Then another new guest comes in the room 201 with different check in and check out dates. In that case, the second guest will not be able to log in if we have not edited the first guest’s stay in the CMS, as the system will understand those two are overlapping stays. 
  • Extend the stay: if a guest has logged in a room we might need to change its check out date so the app does not log him out before his stay really ends. 


  1. Click on the edit icon (pencil) beside the guest name. 
  2. Click on the “Edit guest” option, at the right upper corner in the pop up window. 
  3. We can edit the following fields: 
  • Name: guest name. 
  • Check in - check out: starting date and end date of the stay. 
  • Room: room number where the guest stays. 
  • Gender: male or female. 
  • Country: home country. 
  • Birthday: birthday date. 
  • Category: this field only applies if our PMS is integrated with STAY and we send the guest data with its category, for example: Vip, Club.. That category will be saved in this field. 
  • Travels with: we can choose between different options: alone, couple, friends, kids. 

4. Click on the “Save” button.