How to manage bookings with the PRO booking system

When you start receiving bookings with the PRO booking system, you will be able to manage them from the PRO > Reservations section of the CMS. From this screen, you will be able to view all your service reservations, check them in detail, modify them, update their status and download a report. You will also be able to check the availability of all services by date, add reservations on the fly and manage the units of each space in real time.

The first step is to select the service from the drop-down menu at the top left. 


Reservations will appear in this section as they are made by customers. Bookings made with the PRO booking system are automatically confirmed if there is availability. 


Choose a date in the calendar, and the confirmed reservations for that day will be shown.


View modes


There are 2 options to view your reservations: Floor plan and List


Floor plan: this mode allows you to visualize the floor plan of the space with the units layout. It is an interactive map that lets you check each reservation per unit and modify its status in real time. You can filter by time slot and space. 


The floor plan commands allow you to adapt the visualization by reducing or enlarging the image, centering the units, displaying them in full screen, or freezing units on the floor plan to avoid losing sight of them.


List: this mode allows you to view all reservations and occupancy information for each time slot. You can filter by time slot and space. 


Checking and editing reservations


To find a reservation, you can type the customer name in the search box available when using floor plan mode. You can also find it by browsing the reservations list or the units on the floor plan. Do not forget to select the desired date. 


Once you have found the reservation, you can check its details.


By clicking on a unit from the floor plan, you will see the details of the next scheduled reservation. You can also update a reservation status from that menu: confirmed, occupied, no-show, canceled. 


In the list view mode, you will see the details of each reservation by simply expanding each time slot tab. 


To edit a reservation, click on the Edit reservation button. You will be able to modify any data (date, number of people, space, time, or unit) and save the changes. You can also add internal comments in the Staff notes box; they will only be visible to the staff managing reservations. You can cancel a reservation by clicking on the Cancel reservation button. The customer will receive a cancellation notice. 


Downloading a report


If you need to download the list of confirmed reservations for a day, you can do it in 2 file formats: XLS or PDF.


To do so, click on the Download report button available in both the plan and the list view, select the desired format and the file will be automatically downloaded. 


Adding a reservation manually


If a customer shows up and wants to book, you can add a reservation manually from this section. 


In the floor plan view, you can do this from the left menu by clicking on the +RESERVATION button, or by clicking on an available unit and then on the Add reservation option. 


In the list view, you can do this by clicking on the ADD RESERVATION button on the right side of each time slot. 


A form will be displayed where you can enter the customer’s data, indicating whether he/she is a guest or a visitor, date, number of people, space, time, and assigned unit. 


Locking units temporarily


If, for any reason, you need to lock a unit for some time so that no reservations are assigned to it, there is an option to do so. 


In the floor plan view, click on an available unit and then click on the Lock unit option. 


A form will be displayed for you to: 

  • Choose a date or date range
  • Option 1: lock for the whole day or days (24 hours)
  • Option 2: select a start and end time for the locking
  • Add internal notes to be taken into account by the staff
  • Click on Save changes 


To unlock a unit, click on it in the floor plan and then click on Unlock unit. If you want to modify the locking time, click on it and the form will be displayed again, letting you apply changes and save again.


Real-time management of units and reservations


When a reservation time is approaching, the system updates the status of units in the floor plan view showing a different color for each. 


For example, if it’s near the time scheduled for a reservation, that unit will appear in yellow (Confirmed). On the other hand, for a reservation that was confirmed and whose customer has not arrived after the reservation time, that unit will automatically turn red (Late). 


These are the statuses each unit can show on the floor plan: 

White: Available

Yellow: Confirmed

Green: Occupied

Red: Late

Gray: Locked


Once the time assigned to a reservation has elapsed, the unit is vacated and shown as Available (unless another reservation is scheduled to follow, in which case it would appear as Confirmed). 


If 5 minutes have elapsed after the reservation time and the customer has not shown up, the system marks the unit as Late (in red). 


If the customer shows up, you can update the status by clicking on the unit and then on the Occupied icon (it will be shown in green). 


If you mark the reservation as a No-show, that unit is released and becomes Available


If you have locked a unit from being booked on a certain date or time, it will appear on the plan as Locked (in gray with a padlock). 


Remember to refresh the floor plan from time to time to view all current reservations (round icon with arrows at the top right). 


Check availability

If you need to see at a glance all the intervals that are available for booking a service on a given date, you can use the Check availability function, accessible from the top menu of the screen (Check availability button). 

By entering a date and number of people, you will be able to see the times available to accommodate that booking. You will be able to see the availability information for all the services of the same type for which you have activated the PRO booking system. For example, the availability of all restaurants for a specific date and number of guests, all on the same screen.