Promote your App using QR codes 

What is QR Code 

QR codes are images with an associated URL, so whenever someone scans them with the camera, the URL is automatically opened. This makes them one of the best channels to achieve its usage by the guests, as we can print them and place them all over our hotel: lobby, rooms, restaurants, spa...

We can also link those QRs to the app’s homepage or a specific service. So, for example, we can create a QR code which directly links to a restaurant and whenever a guest scans it, he will be redirected to the information we have previously uploaded in the CMS for that service. 

How to create a QR Code  

We can create as many QR codes as needed to promote our app in the hotel. Depending on our needs, we will be able to create different QR codes so guests can see a restaurant menu, spa catalogue, room service menu… We achieve not only guaranteeing that guests have access to the Web App but also knowing where the traffic comes from, as the analytics will show us the number of guests accessing the Web App through different QRs/URLs. 

Route: MY APP > Select your product > Promote your app 

Promotional channels 

What we find on this section is three URLs already configured to set in the Wifi configuration, to include in the invitation email and also a QR code to place in the lobby. All of them directly display our hotel’s Web App. 

It is very important to add the links and place the QR codes in the right place, as this is the only way to obtain real metrics. If we place the Lobby QR in both the lobby and room, we would not be able neither to identify where the traffic comes from, nor take action to improve performance (based on real data). 

Custom links

To create a new QR code, beside the default ones, we should follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the “Add new” button. 
  2. Link type: select the type of link we prefer. In this case, select the QR code option. 
  3. Link name: enter the QR code’s name so we can identify it. 
  4. Location: choose from the drop-down menu the location in which the QR code will be placed. 
  5. Click on the “Generate link” button. 

Once the QR code is created, we will be able to download and save our QR code by clicking on the image to print it and place it wherever it is necessary. We can also copy the URL’s link by clicking on the “Copy” button beside the link. QR codes are not editable. 

How to download a QR code once it is created 

Route: MY APP > Select your product > Promote your app 

  1. Click on the edit icon beside the QR code we want to download. 
  2. Click on the image to download it. 
  3. Click on the “Copy” button in case we prefer to obtain the link. 

How to remove a QR code 

Route: MY APP > Select your product > Promote your app 

  1. Click on the trash icon beside the QR code we want to remove. 
  2. Confirm in the pop up window to definitely remove it.