What is Concierge Chat and its features

Concierge Chat is a new direct communication channel between the staff and the guests. The chat allows: 

  1. Send recommendations and suggestions. 
  2. Book directly the hotel services. 
  3. View all the guest´s activity

The chat is managed from the CMS without the need to open any other window and can be redirected to any information upload in the CMS: 

The main features are: 

- Schedule customization: the hotel can choose in which time frame the chat is active. 

- Unmanaged message display: if the last message sent by the guest has not been answered, it will show an alert in the CMS until the staff replies. 

- Option to activate by service or at a general level: the hotel decides whether to activate the chat on a general level, or if only is active for one or several specific services and also we can choose who is in charge (staff) of each of the enabled chats.

- Send recommendations: the staff can send links to any content from any section of the CMS without manually entering the information.

- Google Maps connectivity: The staff can send Google Maps links to POIs