What is the PRO booking system about?

It’s a sophisticated booking system designed to offer your hotel services to your customers and manage them in a more efficient way.

In general, it allows for greater customization compared to the other systems available on our platform.

Customers can book or order, and keep track of the status of their requests.

This system allows the hotel to:

  • Adapt the booking system to its facilities and operations, choosing between booking, orders, or both.
  • Lay out, view, and control bookable units and spaces inventory. 
  • Combine different spaces and availability schedules. 
  • Apply restrictions by quota, length of stay, or type of customer, as well as specify minimum and maximum advance booking.
  • Keep track of the status of each reservation or order and keep both customers and staff informed.

If you would like to activate this booking system, refer to the following article: How to activate the PRO booking system.