What is the Request panel and what is it for 


This panel displays all the on demand requests and bookings made in our hotel. We can make the following actions:

  • See the detail of the requests and bookings: guest name, room number, date and time when the request was made, details of the request (number of people) and comments if there are any. 
  • Manage the requests and bookings: we can approve or deny the request, and also add comments to the request. 
  • Add requests and bookings manually: we might have to introduce requests or bookings with the on demand configuration in the CMS. In case guests request anything through an alternative way, we might need to register them not only in the user’s agenda but also in our CMS for better control and tracking. 
  • Filter the requests and bookings by service / status / date:  
    • Filter by service: requests can be filtered to search for the ones from one specific service type, for example restaurants, spa…
    • Filter by status: requests can be filtered to search for the ones with a specific status, for example: new, pending, in progress, solved, archived. 
    • Filter by date: we can select a specific date to look for the requests made that day.