What is the Smart Assistant 

The Smart Assistant is a smart searcher which allows our customers to find out what they are looking for in a quick and easy way. That information has to be previously introduced and tagged in the CMS. 

All the services we introduce in the CMS have the possibility to be tagged with different predefined keywords so the Smart Assistant can show up results according to the search. 

For example, if we search for “where to eat”, the Smart Assistant will display all the services we have previously tagged in the CMS with the “eat” tag. 

That is why it is extremely important to use the CMS predefined services and products once we create any new item (either service or product). This way we will have no need of tagging individual products and services and we will just have to add a few more tags we consider. 

We can also configure frequently asked questions to give an answer to many questions, as: “where is the airport?” or “check out time”. These do not have a tag section in the CMS and we have to introduce the content in that specific section, so the searcher can also give an answer to all of these questions. 

Finally, we can configure the predefined searches in the CMS as if they were suggestions, so our guests can see them right after accessing the Smart Assistant section from their devices.