How to create and activate a survey

The survey is the tool through which we collect customer feedback. 

There are 4 survey types available:

  • Welcome: survey launched on the customer’s arrival at the accommodation.
  • Generic: an open survey that is always visible to the customer. 
  • Facilities & Services: a survey on a specific facility or service. 
  • Checkout: survey launched just before the end of the customer’s stay. 

Each type of survey includes a default template available to be used right away. These templates can be partially or completely modified to adapt the questions to the property needs. A final thank-you message is associated with each survey according to the score given by the customer. This message is also customizable. 



Steps to create a survey: 


1- Define the survey questions

2- Define the thank-you messages

3- Choose settings for display, recipients, and comments

4- Select follow-up options

5- Activate the survey


Step 1: Define the survey questions


Go to the Feedback > Surveys section and click on the type of survey you want to create. The Questions tab will open where you can start creating your survey.


All survey types include a default template with questions that you can use right away. If you wish, you can edit, add or delete any of the questions. Each survey can have a maximum of 5 questions. 


Add a name (Title) and a description (Subtitle) for the survey you’re creating.

Next, define the questions and assign each one to the category that best fits it. This action will be useful to obtain statistics by category.


The Facilities & Services survey will require a previous step: choosing which service the survey is going to be about.




Important: do not forget to include the translation into other languages. You can do this by clicking on the flag icon that appears in each text field. You can enter the translation manually or use the automatic translation option (Translate button). 

Step 2: Define the thank-you messages


Under the Questions tab, right after the Questionnaire, you’ll find the Thank-you messages. You can add a custom text that will be displayed to the customer once they have completed the survey. There is a default text available that you can use right away. You can also customize these messages as you wish. You can adapt the message to the score received. 

Step 3: Choose settings for display, recipients, and comments


Under the Configuration tab you can define different aspects: 

  • Display options on the front page: you can choose the frequency and display format (banner, pop-up, or full screen) of the survey. Only in the Generic survey this option is already defined by default and cannot be changed.
  • Recipients: you can choose whether the survey is shown to all users of the app or only to those who signed in. If you check the Show survey to all users option, you can then choose whether to ask the user to sign in or not. 
  • Comments: you can choose whether or not to include a comment field after each question and at the end of the survey. 
  • Proactive mode: only the Facilities & Services survey includes this additional option which allows the survey to be always visible when entering the specific service screen. 


Step 4: Select follow-up options


Under the Follow-up tab you can define different aspects: 

  • Follow-up by email: you can set up notifications based on the score received in a survey. To do this, check the Send email if overall score is equal to or lower than box and choose from the drop-down menu from which score you want a notification to be sent. Remember to enter the email addresses to which the notifications will be sent in the Staff email addresses field. 
  • Response status automation: you can automate the status of the responses according to the score received. For example, you can have a response marked as Solved if the overall score is 5 stars. You will see its status updated in the Inbox section (on the left menu).

Step 5: Activate the survey


To activate a survey and start receiving responses, simply click on the button at the top right of the survey screen so that it reads Activated (in green). Then click on Save changes


You will see a checkmark (in green) appear in the left menu next to those surveys that are active.


Modifying and saving surveys: 


If you modify a survey (editing, adding, or deleting questions), you will be able to choose between two options to save it: 

  • Save as new survey: you will be generating a new version of the survey. Statistics will be calculated for this new version.
  • Update current version: the existing survey will be overwritten with the applied changes. Statistics will include data from the update over the current version. 




The name and date of the current version will appear at the bottom of the questionnaire. Please note that it is not possible to access multiple versions of the same survey (although data is saved for statistical purposes). You will only be able to use the version you last saved.