How to manage survey responses

When you receive a response to a survey, a notification will be shown in the CMS. 

You can check the responses received in the Inbox section of the left menu of the screen (CMS > Feedback > Inbox).



You will see the list of responses received with an overview of data in these columns:

  • Survey: refers to the survey answered by the user (Welcome, Generic, Facilities & Services, or Checkout).
  • Overall score: refers to the overall score obtained in the survey by averaging all the questions scores. If you hover the cursor over this data, you will see the customer’s answer to each question, including score and comments. 
  • Additional comments: if the survey includes this field, a section of text will be displayed here.
  • Guest: indicates whether the user is a guest or an anonymous user. If you hover the cursor over this data, you will see a summary of the user’s data, including check-in and checkout date, average score (average of all surveys the user has answered during his stay), and a summary of his/her last activity. This information is not displayed if the user is anonymous.
  • Date: it shows the date and time at which the response was sent.
  • Status: it shows the status of the response. There are 4 statuses: New, Pending, In progress, and Solved.
  • Actions: by clicking on the pencil icon you can see the details of a response.


Response details


By clicking on the pencil icon of a response (Actions column), a window will open showing detailed information about the user’s response to the survey. 



The Guest tab shows the user’s data and the overall score of the survey he/she has taken. 

The Response tab shows in detail the user’s answer to each question (ratings and comments). 

The Status section at the bottom shows the status of the response. From here you can update the status of a response by simply clicking on the corresponding option and then on Save changes. The response statuses are used to keep track of feedback management. 

Send a message to the customer: you can directly communicate with the customer through this section. Just type in the text box and click Send message

Add request: if a survey response reveals a need from the user, you can create a request from this section to solve it as soon as possible. This request will be directly forwarded to the property staff through the CMS request channel. 


Searching responses


When you need to look for a specific answer, you can use the Search guest box and just type the guest’s name. If anonymous, you can type “Anonymous user”. 

You can also search using the filters: 

  • Date range: select a date or date range to view responses received during that time.
  • All surveys: click on the type of survey you want to check or click on All surveys to check the responses to all surveys.
  • All services: you will see the specific facilities and services where a survey has been created. You can select one or more.
  • Number of stars: you can select up to which score you want to check responses.
  • With or without comments: you can filter by responses with comments, without comments, or any of the cases.
  • Filter by mode: proactive, post-service, or all.
  • Filter by status: click on the one you want to check or none if you want to check all of them. If you click on a selected status, you will unselect it.


You can download a file with the search results in spreadsheet format (.xlsx).

You can use the Clear filters button if you need to make a new search.